For The Future of The Global On-demand Gig Economy.


Dear independent workers of the world: 
"Join Hallo Helper. Get all of your labor, talents or services seen & booked by nearby customers wanting the convenience of getting services on demand. We built this technology so you can start your work revolution."
Dear VCs & Industry Veterans:
"Giving On-demand Workers more power with less restrictions More buying options for On-demand Consumers = More Transaction Volume + Global Scalability + Lean Operating Cost"

Our dual-sided app platform

brings the "social factor" into the on-demand gig economy. Runs on peer-to-peer transactions and real-time peer reviews. 

Future of Easy Living

Hallo App 🔗 enables you to get the best nearby for the services you need, when you need it. 

Designed to give the same experience as social media apps. But instead of random posts, see posts of what folks nearby are booking!

Future of Local Work on-demand and it shouldn't be complicated. Offer any service. Do the jobs. Get Paid. 
Helper App ðŸ”— for local workforce makes work more accessible and fun! Built-in tech to engage. Rankings & rewards for the top-rated by customers!


Behind The Tech



Alan Burke


20+ Years Of Expertise In The Financial Industry & FinTech operating high-volume in Niche Markets. Launched An Algorithmic Arbitrage Trading Company in 2012. Worked alongside Software Developers To Create Complex Automated Trading Systems Operating In Underserved Markets. 

He Holds Degrees In Theoretical Physics From The University Of Dublin, Ireland Trinity College with a Master's Degree In Financial Mathematics From Dublin City University.

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Jan Reese Rondina

From Pre-med student to Auto-CAD Designer for Major Design Companies to UI/UX Designer for Tech Companies. Launched 4 native apps successfully: 2 android, 2 iOS. Education includes: Knox College, SDC Milan, Italy.

Jan holds Certifications for CRM & Marketing, Membership in The National Honor Society and Tau Kappa Epsilon Organization, and is completing an Ai Marketing Certification from Duke University. 2022 People's Choice Award for Social Impact. 2019 Forbes Under30 Shortlist. 

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Lead Technology Developer

Asad Khan


Over 15 years of success in building next gen. applications for smartphone and tablet devices in iOS and Android. 50+ applications built for brands such as Home Depot & Car2Go.

Asad’s added expertise as a game developer is showcased best in the gamification features of Hallo Technologies On-demand Apps.

Seeing the impact Hallo Helper could bring to his own community, Asad joined the platform build in Day 1. #TheRealOG

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Origin Story


Since launch in January 2021, our platform has grown into a community of  local workers getting new work on-demand and thousands of customers getting Vetted Workers for their home/personal/group on-demand service needs in Puerto Rico.

In one year, we added +33% more household income to the workforce who use our provider app vs. the National Median in 2021 Puerto Rico.

Creating opportunities for people via the on-demand economy is the true north of Hallo Helper's purpose. We're now operating into hyper-growth throughout the island and into communities globally.


Improved Home & Personal Life Convenience.

Easier and faster experience to find, book, and pay for any type of on-demand service or assistance in your area. Proprietary innovations from:

Discover the new way of getting top-rated local experts for services or tasks you need done.

An Inclusive Future of Work On Demand.

We did something very novel.

We've made our platform equally accessible to all types of local workers. If your service can be done when and where the customer needs it, welcome you to your new Helper app.

You don't have to be forced to drive cabs or pick-up food to make money in the on-demand economy. We don't limit what you can offer. As a result, customers using Hallo app have more options than any other platform. 

On-Demand is a vertical on its own. The global pandemic proved that.

Worried to book or get booked by someone who speaks a different language? We Got You. 

Click below for the solution.

"Creating work opportunities and convenient living in every local community through the on-demand economy. That's what we build tech for. "
- Hallo Helper