Born out of a Hurricane

The inception of Hallo Helper Peer-to-Peer platform was sparked by its Founders’ Hurricane Maria experience.

The Team Behind The Tech

Scroll more to see the founders and founding team members. Tap the button to view our team members in Puerto Rico.

A band of humans driven by social impact.

building emerging technology and applying it to social issues people face today, on a daily basis.

The “Creative Tech” CEO

Guy with a yellow jacket or Jan as we call him launched his first venture while in High School. In 2019, he made the shortlist for Forbes Under30 for his role in Hallo. More ›

The “Fintech Pro” President

Alan Burke is both an academic and professional powerhouse. He holds a Masters in Financial Mathematics and a degree in Theoretical Physics. He has over a decade of experience in FinTech and Cross-border Markets. More ›

The “Tech Ninja” Team Leader

Our very own OG Developer. Asad Khan manages all of our app builds and feature deployments. He manages 2 developers. More ›

More Team Members

The man-power behind our cutting edge app technology. Think of them as the horsepower that make Hallo a leader in On-demand Platform. Working alongside our CEO/Technology Designer, these guys have been able to launch 20+ features, 2 full app version, and Ai Integrations in 12 mos.

  • Technology: Jose, Umer

  • Community AI : Ola, Eva, Ivo

  • Marketing: Nick

At Hallo Helper, our innovation lies in

how we successfully combine Technologies from different industries to Build New Solutions

Hallo App

Ushering in a new level of convenience for the on-demand consumer. Local On-demand Experts from Tour Guides to Beauty Experts; Hourly Taskers to Cleaners.  This is The Social App in the On-demand Economy. Fast & Easy, like ordering food delivery:

✓ Secure Cashless P2P Payments. ✓ Local P2P Direct Connection to Local Pros. ✓ Real-time P2P Reviews.

Better Lifestyle Convenience.

Discover, Connect, and Hire any type of on-demand home service or task assistance in your area.

Proprietary innovations from:

Discover the new way of getting top-rated local experts for services or tasks you need done.

Helper App

Built to democratize every worker’s access to earning opportunities in the on-demand economy. Our platform supports them, instead of capping their earning potential to “Types of Services”. The more services they add on-demand, the more options that on-demand customer has. Creating a user-generated ondemand marketplace.

Inclusive Future of Work.

Meet our Helper app for every local worker.

This platform is for all types of local workers. If your service can be done when and where the customer needs it, you can add it on Helper app.

Don't be forced to drive cabs or pick-up food to earn income in the gig economy. As a result, customers using
Hallo app have more options than any other platform.

Quality of services or skills of a person not dictated by the language they speak. Hallo Helper’s SmartChat feature allows in-app messaging for users who speak different languages.

Multi-language Barriers

Ability to replicate the same level of community ownership & brand loyalty in every city or town we expand into. Personalizing our platform to fit their unique culture, language, & service needs.

Example: “Starbucks is global, but every starbucks is unique to reflect the community its in.”

Multilingual Markets Opportunity

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